Watermelon Gazpacho

WATERMELON GAZPACHO - Sequins at Breakfast

When its to hot outside to cook, make this Watermelon Gazpacho. It is so easy to make and the longer it sits the better it gets. I have been making this gazpacho once a week for the past few weeks and as it doesn’t last long in our house, it is a refreshing and satisfying snack or meal. The watermelon adds the slightest bit of sweetness and brightens the flavors of the tomato and bell pepper. I’ve made it without the watermelon but it is so much better with it!!

The toppings add a wonderful crunch to the gazpacho and make it a solid meal. Add some or all and enjoy!!

WATERMELON GAZPACHO - Sequins at Breakfast

WATERMELON GAZPACHO - Sequins at Breakfast

Watermelon Gazpacho || Sequins at Breakfast




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